Mindfulness in Business, Prayer for Success at Work


We are an Online Course to Help you Build and Develop your Website and then Insights into your Marketing Strategy. Incorporating Mindfulness Exercises and Techniques to Maintain Your Wellbeing and Success in Business.

Here are 8 ways to a Successful Mindset:

  1. Let's make the world a better place! Offer a solution or service to help someone.
  2. May all being live in peace, with love, respect, mindfulness and compassion. (Daily prayer)
  3. "Sustainability is hard to achieve when growth is a measure of success" Nicolai Thaarup
  4. Mindfulness benefits your business in many ways including the following, better communication skills, strong ethics and respect.
  5. Less stress allows for more efficiency and an enjoyable experience in the workplace.
  6. Meditation is proven to help reduce stress and achieve peace of mind, focus and wellbeing.
  7. Emotional Intelligence is hugely beneficial for success in your profession and personal life.
  8. "Make positive choices and follow your heart to live the dream" Guy Sohm

Mindfulness for Success in your Business and Personal Life

Charlotte Thaarup is a world-renowned, clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator. She trained Phycologist, high level CEO’s and Leaders. Here are some of the techniques she uses and advice on how to avoid sabotaging your Business and personal relationships. And insights in leading a life that still holding the wonder. Here is a video explaining more.


Relax, take a deep breath into your belly and then breath out even slower, how do you feel, are you stressed?

Interested to Learn Mindfulness techniques to gain focus on what really matters for you?

Would you like to leverage your skills/ time to have more time for your family and friends?

Become a web developer, your own boss or an entrepreneur?

Have the freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world?

Learn how to build a website and be more efficient in your business or help others achieve success?

Learn wordpress development with an digital marketing plan strategy?

Gain a deeper understanding into Emotional Intelligence to have fulfilling relationships?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is a great guide to the steps of living your dream lifestyle.


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Got an Idea, Ready to Setup a Website?

How do I Start an Internet Business from Home A guide to register your domain name and choose which hosting would be best for you.

Mindfulness Activities lead to Motivational Behaviour. And expert advice on how to start a podcast.

Tips on how I can get more traffic to my website

How to do organic search engine optimization in 2019 examples

Here we are ranking 1st place in Google images for the search term "How to do organic search optimization in 2019"

How do i make a wordpress website rank in google

Seo tips for multiple listings in google with onpage seo, how to build a wordpress website from scratch that ranks in google.

7 ideas for starting an online business.

Here's a quick outline of this course.

This condensed course with 12 short videos averaging around 5 to 10 mins each, showcases the key points from a $5000 seminar with high level insights into web development, marketing, business mentoring with a mastermind, SEO tips, traffic, conversions and research. Plus the best tools & strategies for Success in all areas of your life, with Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence.

Do you want to be in control of your website, understanding how it works and the ability to make any changes at the push of a button?

Training for beginners with basic to advanced techniques that the experts recommend.

Mindfulness in Business Program Course in 2019

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Have You Ever Thought...

I wish I had passive income,

a website that was making money 24/7


I have an idea and I want to share it, but not sure how to do it.

Where do I start?

Don't Worry - We Can Help You!

Creating a website can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Let Us Guide You. Here's What We'll Do...

Build A Wordpress Website: Simple And Powerful

Can you make decisions and click buttons? Then you can make a website! Gone are the days of laborious, confusing coding. Sure, you may need to get help with your graphics, but we’ll show you how to get a website up and running within a few hours, ready for you to pour your content into. Once you know this process, you can repeat it as many times as you like! Impress your friends and family with your new web-y skills.

Get To Know Your Audience

What are people searching for online? You can find out - it may surprise you. Arm yourself with this knowledge and use it to connect with your audience.

Always start your business, product or project with research into your niche. Learn about tools and strategies to research your market and keywords. Working with Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics

Connect With Your People

Take all that knowledge about your audience from the pervious model and start making your website discoverable by the people who need you and want your content. This is the basis of ‘Search Engine Optimisation.’ Getting this right can unlock the doors to more traffic visiting your website. Looking at On Page SEO and different sources for gaining traffic to your niche market.

Some Bonus Modules, For Good Measure

BONUS 1 - Use Professional Design Principles

Why do some things look great and some not so great?

By understanding the basic principles that professional designers use, you can use them to your advantage. Incorporating these principles can lift the visual appeal of your brand.

BONUS 2 - All About Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate seller for other people's products can be a great and easy way to get a start in Internet marketing.

Use this technique to get your feet wet.

If you believe that this course could help someone then join our affiliate program. If you recommend this course and they buy it, we will give you 50% commission on the $249 Sale you will earn $124.50 on each purchase from your link.

BONUS 3 - Mindfulness is Achieved through Emotional Intelligences (EI) which leads to Success in all areas of your Life

Mindfulness Activities lead to Emotional Intelligence and is a key component in success. Guy Sohm shares an article about the characteristics and techniques to achieve and implement these understandings. What is High Emotional Intelligence? Mastering your emotions, healthy relationships, good communication skills, self awareness, having empathy, being motivated, balance creating wellbeing, healthy, the power of choice, being ethical, efficient, caring, sharing and ultimately living the dream!

BONUS 4 - James Schramko Interview, Pdf Guide to Successfully Building a Business & Special Offer

There is a special offer from James for those who purchase Internet Marketing Start course!
And a link to a personal interview just for Internet Marketing Start talking about the 80/20 rule, working less and making more money by having an offer that converts as your 1st priority.

BONUS 5 - Our 25 Best Tools For Web Development, Researching And Marketing

We have a comprehensive list of some of best tools, software, platforms and plugins for:

  • Password Manager

  • Email Auto-Responders

  • Payment Cart Options

  • SLL secure payment

  • Affiliate Software and Payment Integration

  • Membership Site Setup

  • Hosting

  • Domain Names

  • WordPress Site Building

  • WordPress Plugins

  • Storing Files

  • Keyword Research

  • Social Media

  • Outsourcing With Freelancers

BONUS 6 - Mindfulness in Business for Success in Your Personal Life and Profession

Charlotte Thaarup is a world-renowned, clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator. She has trained Psychologists, people in the Military, high level CEO’s and Leaders. Shared in our members area some of the techniques she uses and advice on how to avoid sabotaging your business, communication skills, reducing stress and anxiety and insights in leading a life still holding the wonder. One of the truely incredible personal coaches available in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia.


How to do organic search engine optimization 2019
How to improve keyword ranking in google

Above is a screenshot of listings in google images searches. Showing two of our blog post about Keyword research!

Mindfulness in Business, Prayer for Success at Work and with your Web Development


I wish I had discovered IMS course years ago. When I first started my online business I tried to make my own website with WordPress but I really struggled. I didn't know what I was doing. I eventually gave up and found a web developer who promised me a website plus marketing, so I paid top dollar. If I had of done the Internet Marketing Start course I could have saved myself thousands of dollars. I believe there are a lot of people out there in the web developing business who charge really high prices and don't deliver what they say they will. I love this course because it is really easy to follow the steps and will teach you all the basics like registering a domain name, setting up hosting, navigating WordPress and important things like search engine optimization. I am excited to use IMS on my next project knowing that I am in control of my business and I can learn the tools easily in my own time online.

Ruby Rose Taylor
Ruby Rose Taylor

I’m excited about what I have learned from Internet Marketing Start! I recommend the course for those who either know what they want, yet don’t know where to start, and for those who have no idea what they want. As you work through the different modules, you are already building an efficient and personalised site with mixed content that will serve as a great foundation for your blog or sales page. It fills you with ideas for content and design in a progressive and structured format. No need to think too much! Just follow the steps, maybe have some images and text in mind – and there you go!

Kate Leopold
Kate Leopold Leopold's Treat Band

Your site is great - very informative and helps me understand the nitty gritty.

Dr Lachlan Freebairn
Dr Lachlan Freebairn Head Above Osteopathy

Internet Marketing Start provides a very comprehensive and easy to follow pathway to creating your own website. The videos are broken down into digestible and user friendly sections with a high level of detail and support for creating your own website. The additional links to the transcripts, slides, and checklists are a valuable part of the program that provided me with easy to follow prompts and information. These additional resources proved to be extremely helpful throughout the process of creating my website. The information on research and keywords is really great. Not only for learning how to maximize the income generated through the website I created, but as well as for influencing the design and layout of my website. In a world of ever-proliferating information and learning resources, it is a relief to have found a high quality and affordable resource amidst the generally redundant and superfluous resources commonly available through online educational platforms. The information package offered by Internet Marketing Start is relevant and accessible for Internet users of all levels.

Lauren Johnson
Lauren Johnson

A note from one of our IMS contributers;

"After attending this seminar and gaining a deeper understanding into the best platforms and tools to use, I've been able to help promote businesses. I've also shared my passion for personal development and now have the ability to maintain a living through the Internet while travelling, just using my smartphone! Steve and Nic are amazingly talented and all round good guys. And James, I believe to be the mastermind of online marketing. Can't thank you enough for what you have taught me!

This course has all the tips and advice I give clients to improve their online marketing. I’ve had some major success helping people go from not being found on the web, to increased clientele and large scale jobs. I found this to be quite a lucrative process, charging $200 for a consultation which takes an hour or so to discuss with the client and write a report including the points discussed in IMS course. I believe that if you study these techniques in detail and practice applying them you could do the same. I hope this inspires you. It’s great to be of service and help people."

Blessings Guy

Guy Sohm
Guy Sohm guysohm.com

Web Development Training Membership Site Course Outline and Special Offer

Click here...

Best Marketing Tools for Online Business

For an introduction to keyword research and a course outline.

Internet Marketing Start

The Back Story And It's Beginnings

Originally presented by Internet marketing and SEO superstar Steve Ovens and business mentor/consultant and author Dr. Nic Lucas, as a $5000 seminar on the Gold Coast, Australia.

This course has been condensed in an independent production to share the most relevant strategies and tools to get you started.


Steve Ovens

Internet Marketer, SEO Ninja, Software Developer, Musician and all round good guy!

The success of my internet ventures has allowed me to drop my day-rate consulting and move to a more strategic role in my I.T. consulting company – basically doing the fun bits where I add the most value. I do most of my work from home nowadays. Don’t miss the commute or the cubicle!

-- Founder at Internet Software Systems

Dr. Nic Lucas

Digital strategist for the health and wellness industry,  business growth, consultant and best selling author

An entrepreneur, scientist, health professional, speaker and author with five degrees in human and health sciences and a number of successful businesses.

-- Dr. Nic Lucas, Digital StrategistEat Drink Hustle, Research Media Pty Ltd

It's all about the Business Systems, Traffic, Conversions, Products and Services.

Ideas To Get You Excited!

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Mindfulness in Business, Prayer for Success at Work