How do I Start an Internet Business from Home?

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How to improve keyword ranking in google

Tips and tricks on how to improve keyword ranking in google. Example of Seo techniques and how to build a wordpress website from scratch.


Online home-based business ideas for beginners

7 Ideas on How to Start Online Business From Home


how do i make a wordpress website rank in google

Best practices to rank mulitiple listings in google searches with a wordpress website

Best Techniques To Start an Internet Business from Home in 2020?

One option is with an awesome website! For the full version of this article with slides, check lists, transcript and video tutorials please join our members area by purchasing our course. We offer hosting for members at a special rate of $50 to $200 per year depending on your requirements.

Starting an online business generally requires determination, discipline and the right attitude. Most new internet businesses don't succeed, this is why its important to do your research, learn from the experts and start small, set goals that are achievable and be prepared to work hard to get it off the ground.

A simple way to make sales online is through affiliate marketing, which is where if you like a product or program and recommend it to others and if they buy it you get a commission on the sale. If this course could help someone you know, or you would like to share it and see if anyone is interested, we offer 33% commission to everyone. If you purchase this course, then you get 50% commissions and 60% if you contribute to the course in any way.

One of the tools you could use in starting a business from home is setting up a website. In order to get your website up and running you need to start by having a domain name and hosting. And once we have these two parts, we need to link them together.


A domain name, also called a URL, is the name that you’ll see in the top of the address bar of a browser when you’re looking at a website. For example, a domain name would be something like To get a domain name, we can purchase one from a domain name registrar, such as or

What we’re doing when we purchase a domain name is renting it, and in order to keep it each year, we’ll have to renew it. Luckily domain names are pretty inexpensive. They can cost around $10 to $20 per year for a .com (Generally your best option and recommended if you would like to sell your website one day) or special domains such as .org .net or are good too. You will usually buy your domain name before you set up your hosting; however some hosting options give you the first year of domain name hosting for free when you set up for an account with them.

Just a side note on choosing a domain name, usually it takes a little bit of time to get this right because the name we might initially want may be taken. In that case we can do some brain-storming; ask friends or family for ideas, or check other people’s websites to get inspiration.

And while we’re thinking about possible domain names, it’s a good idea to think ahead about the other kinds of profiles we might like to use with our website.

For example, we might like to have a Facebook page or a YouTube account or some other social media accounts. To check if the name we’re wanting is available across the other platforms, we can use a tool such as To use NameVine we simply type in our idea and we can see immediately if it’s available on the other platforms. Having the same name across all accounts is a really good way of building a solid online presence. And it can help people recognise our brand and our business.

If the name that we’re first interested in is not available, for example, is unavailable, and so are a few of the other social media accounts, then we can scroll down and NameVine gives us a lot of suggestions for other similar ideas. Simply have a look through here and if you get some inspiration, simply use that and do a new search.

So is available. Twitter is not, but some of the other social media platforms, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are. Once we have a name that we like, we can go ahead and buy it from our preferred domain name registrar. I like the domain name registrar NameCheap, so I’ll be heading over to to get my domain name there.

I have to type in my name again, and then I can see that’s it’s available. I can add it to the shopping cart, view the cart. And it’s a good idea to turn this WhoisGuard on. Basically WhoisGuard protects your details from anyone trying to see who owns your domain name.

The only time you’d really want to have WhoisGuard turned off would be if you wanted to sell your domain name.

One other important consideration is having keywords in your domain name. Seo tips on how to find the best keywords for your business 

Once your done with research, go ahead and finish the purchase.


Hosting gives your website somewhere to be, so all the files that make up your website are stored on your webhost.

We provide hosting for your website, please email us at to discuss the best hosting plan for your needs.

We’ll take a look now at another two that I’ve used and highly recommend.

WP Engine

This hosting company hosts only WordPress websites, so it’s very tailored to the WordPress environment.

They have layers of security to lock your site down, and protection in place for threats such as people trying to hack your site. They also have excellent support.

WP Engine is easy to get started with, because as soon you signin you already have WordPress installed.

To see what they offer, we can click into “see our plans”. If you’re building just one site for yourself, the personal plan would be best. As you can see, for one installation of WordPress, it’s about USD$29 per month and it gets a bit more expensive the more websites you want to build with them.

To sign up for WP Engine, you would already have needed to purchase a domain name from somewhere like NameCheap or GoDaddy.

I’ll go ahead now and set this up.

I’ll select the personal plan. And to set this up all we need to do is fill in our personal details and billing details. Once I’ve set them up, we’ll look at it together.

Now that I’ve set up my WP Engine hosting and I’m logged in, I need to take note of the IP address and the CNAME address. We’ll use these in just a minute.

Next I need to add my domain. Click on Enter Domain, Add New Domain, and then type in the domain, with the www. version first, and then the version without the www. Click Add Domain, and now we need to point our domain name to our new install of WordPress on WP Engine. To do this we head back over to where ever we registered our domain name, so in my case NameCheap, and login.

Next to my domain I’ll click on Manage, and then I need to add some records.

To do this I go into the Advances DNS. I can remove the URL Redirect Record, and then I need to add an A Record. The Host will be the @ symbol, and paste in the IP address I copied from WP Engine.

For the CNAME record I do the same thing, I just paste in the CNAME address I got from WP Engine. I change the TTL or “Time To Live” to 5 minutes and save my work.

Remember that it can take 24-48 hours for this change to take place. So be patient and check back.

Setting Up Hosting with BlueHost.

To check what BlueHost has to offer we can click on “Get Started Now”.

So again we can look at the differences. The last two plans offer unlimited websites, bandwidth and space, and each of the plans gives us a years worth of free domain registration, if we haven’t already got a domain name.

Having a look at the Go PRO plan I can see that they also have options for a Dedicated IP and Site Backup Pro.

Site BackUp Pro is a good feature to have because it means that a copy of your website will be taken periodically and saved. So if you ever needed to rebuild your website, you could recover it from the last back up. A Dedicated IP is also another good option to have available if you’re planning on accepting credit card and personal information directly onto your site in the future.

After choosing the plan we now have two options. One is to buy our domain name through BlueHost and here they’re offering the first year for free. Or if we’ve already purchased our domain name we can enter it in here.

Again we fill in our personal and billing details and create the account. Now that I’ve successfully created my BlueHost account I need to create my website.

But before I do that I need to point my domain name to BlueHost.

The welcome email from BlueHost has my two name servers. They are and I need to take note of this because I’m going to need it in a moment to change my name server.

Heading back over to I need to sign in, click on domain list, and next to my domain name I click on Manage.

Scroll down and I change the name servers from Namecheap BasicDNS to Custom DNS and paste in the two name servers that BlueHost gave me. Save my work and head back over to BlueHost.

Now I can set up my WordPress install. Conveniently BlueHost has a one-click install.

Click on Install WordPress, click Install, check that I have the right domain name to create the install on. Click Show advanced options and give my site its title. This can be changed later so don’t worry too much about this now. Take note of the admin username and admin password, because I’ll need that in just a minute to log into my site.

Click that I’ve read the terms and conditions and Install.

The install is being created by a company called MOJO and once it’s complete I’ll be able to log into my website.

To log into my brand new website, I need to go to my domain name, slash wp dash admin.

And this is where I’ll use those login details that I copied as I was creating the install in BlueHost.


We have:

• selected a domain name and registered it,

• selected a hosting company and plan and created an account,

• pointed our name servers to our preferred hosting account,

• successfully logged into our band new WordPress website.

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How do I Start an Internet Business from Home in 2020?

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