Tips And Techniques For Keeping Visitors On Your Website in 2020

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Tips And Techniques For Keeping Visitors On Your Website

What Are The Best Techniques For Keeping Visitors On Your Website in 2020



Having pages that load quickly will help to improve SEO. To speed up load time, you can make sure your images aren’t too big. Try to keep images below 700kb. You can create small file sizes by saving images at 72PPI, which is the standard resolution for computer screens. You can also make sure the image is scaled to the right size before you upload it.


Pick the social media sites that work best for your brand, then include their share buttons on your website.

Encourage clients, colleagues and friends to share your content on their social media platforms.

Make sure your site works well on a variety of devices, such as smart phones, iPads and laptops. Choose a responsive theme for your site.


Every page should be linked to at least one other page within your website. This is great for both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website navigation. It also helps search engines to develop relevance between those keywords and the pages they refer to.

Create a balance between clickable links, e.g. use generic anchor text, i.e. ‘click here’, your brand as the anchor text, i.e. ‘’ and your targeted long-tail phrase keywords.

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Here is an example of ranking a longtail phase word. “Techniques for keeping visitors on your website” Ranking 1st and 2nd place in Google images search.

how to do organic search engine optimization

 How to do organic search engine optimization.


Have your business phone number or other calls-to-action close to the top of your page, for example in your banner or just under it.


Keep your navigation text clear and obvious. By clearly stating where people will be directed to with each click, you will be less likely to confuse and lose people.

The quicker people can find what they’re looking for, the better. Try not to bury pages too deep within your site. One or two clicks from the homepage is optimal.


Try to keep key information and images above the fold. ‘Above the fold’ refers to the area immediately visible without scrolling means having it in the top part of your website, so that people will see it as soon as they open your website, without needing to scroll down. Keep this in mind when adding new content.

How long do people stay on your website?

Increase website engagement with a well designed website, captivating images, infographic and video’s are great way to keep people on your blog/ website longer. This also helps you with Search Engine Optimization, the more time that someone spends on your website shows Google that you have interesting content.

Solving problems, helping make someones life better, is a great technique to monetize your website and drive increased sales. You could sell an ebook, membership access, service or product to solve the problem.

How to retain users on your website, make sure your website is interesting, creating a wow feeling for visitors! Unique and intriguing information is also an important technique!

This will encourage them to share, comment and interact with your site, all factors which will boost your Seo and generate more traffic.

Using these techniques you could start a marketing business helping people keep visitors on their site.

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2020 Tips And Techniques For Keeping Visitors On Your Website.

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