Mindfulness Activities lead to Motivational Behaviour Talk and Tips creating a new podcast

Productive Insights Podcast How to start a Podcast

Tutorial video to start a live podcast in 2019. Interview with Ash Roy from Productive Insights Podcast.

Special thanks to Ash with this interview that goes into a deep discussion on mindfulness and success in your personal life and profession. Topics including becoming the authority in your field, finding the right subject matter to start your podcast with, the different types of content marketing, how to start a podcast, thinking about who is your target market, podcast marketing, the outcome from others experiencing your podcast and creating a video Podcast.

Expert advice on how to be Successful in creating a new podcast.

How to start a podcast in 2019 Expert Advice

Mindfulness insights to become a podcast marketing Legend like Ash Roy!

How to move past fear or procrastination with mindfulness techniques. Self awareness is a big key to success in overcoming procrastination or fear holding you back.

What are the benefits of practicing mindfulness long term? Better wellbeing, increasing confidence, motivated hehaviour, making good choices, being calmer and more rational. Relaxed and less stressed, clear and focused, disciplined, better communication skills, creating trust in your relationships in work and your personal life. Leading to better lifestyle, awareness, emotional intelligence, strong ethics and a greater understanding of true success. These are a few examples of the outcome of long term meditation and mindfulness and its effects on your life. Also insights into Buddhism and its wisdom and teachings of Vipassana.

Mindfulness Programs for Business in 2019

Learn wordpress development step by step 2019

Transcript of the introduction in the video:

“Ash, hello how are you today? Very good how are you Guy? Awesome! Thank you so much for your time and sharing, I’m a big fan of your podcast and all your amazing work that you do!
 Thank you for your kind words, I’ve just been reading one of your articles about mindfulness and just blown away! What an amazing insights it’s such a profound philosophy. Thank you, yeah I’ve been practicing it on and off for about quite a few years I think maybe even ten years now. What have you noticed through doing that practice of the mindfulness?

Look I have noticed that I get insights that are quite deep and they’re very practical so for instance I have started to become aware of how my behaviour may impact other people around me negatively or positively and I’m able to change the negative behaviors because I’m not as attached to them because I’m able to witness these thoughts to some extent.

I’m definitely not one of these enlightened beings or anything like that but I’m able to notice the environment in which I move and not just see the world from a me perspective, but see the world from a slightly more neutral perspective and that’s what I believe mindfulness brings to the situation, so for example I may notice that my wife has been running around trying to get things done and I say to myself well you know I need to actually try and help make her workload a bit less and that’s something I may not have noticed if I wasn’t being mindful.

If I was always being me centric thinking of what can I get out of this situation but instead with mindfulness I’m thinking now what is the best result for all parties in this situation including me but not only me. Oh beautiful, so I’m hearing you say that you have more empathy. Thinking about where your wife’s at and what she needs and it’s a bigger picture than just working.

But also not just what she needs because then that can become a little bit neurotic, right there are people who have a tendency to save others and help others and I think you need to have empathy for yourself and the other person and you need to do what is right for both parties or all parties involved. Very wise!”

Thanks so much Ash Roy, from Productive Insights Podcast, you are such a legend!
Much respect Guy Sohm

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Mindfulness Activities with motivational behaviour talk and tips to successfully creating a new podcast with expert advice.

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AffiliateLabz February 16, 2020

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! :)

Guy Sohm April 22, 2019

Such wisdom Shaylee, thanks for sharing your thoughts, very emotionally intelligent. Change is a given and the more we can accept this, the easier it is to come into the flow. Your comment about reminding yourself of the other persons perspective leads to empathy which is a great gift in any relationship. Really appreciate your feedback. Kind Regards  

Shaylee April 21, 2019

Very insightful. Podcasting seems to be a great way to reach many people from different parts of the world at one time.Very true, nothing in the universe is permanent, including the universe. The only constant is change. Happiness comes and goes; I beleive it is important to recognise emotions for what they are and not attach your identity to them. Love the summary about attaching greif and blame to one particular person or action when everything comes about not just from that one action but a lead up of happenings to that one point.People do tend to think in black and white, this is something I try to make a concious effort to recognise when I am doing this, and also to remind myself of others perspective constanly so that I am not coming from a bias place. It is still a struggle at times> :)

Guy Sohm April 17, 2019

Thanks Ignacio! Thats so good, really appreciate your comment. It's important to enjoy what your passionate about! 

Ignacio April 17, 2019

Great interview, really enjoyed the content and made me remind myself the things that make me enjoy my life to the !

Guy Sohm April 17, 2019

Wow awesome Sahar! Well I'd love to interview you when I start my podcast, and talk more about living life to the fullest enjoyment possible, your farm, education and wellbeing. Good luck with your vision! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing :-)

Sahar April 17, 2019

Love it! Great post.. If I were to do a podcast I would share about the importance of enjoying life to the fullest, each one in their own way.. I'm setting up a farm with a big aspect on community, education , and creating a happy healthy lifestyle . 

Guy Sohm April 17, 2019

Please feel free to share with us what your passionate about and would like to do a podcast about? Thanks

Great Awakening April 17, 2019

Super inspired by this.