SEO Tips For How To Find Relevant Keywords For Your Website

Blog Post: Tips On How To Find And Use Keywords For SEO 2019 Course

Tips for how to find relevant keywords and research tools to rank your website online in Google with SEO techniques

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Finding Keywords

1. Work out your keywords by brainstorming all the possible words people could use to find your product or service. What are people going to type into Google when they’re looking for each topic? Research what your competition is doing.

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2. Try different combinations of words in Google and see what Google is recommending with those keywords. Google lists recommended keywords under the heading ‘suggested searches’ at the bottom of the results page.

3. Check your brainstormed ideas by using the Google AdWord planner. Here you can find out the number of searches those words are getting.

Setting Permalinks

4. Permalinks are the URL for a specific webpage and they are important for SEO. For example, the permalink for your home page might look like this: and the permalink to your about page could look like this:

5. Each page should have keywords in the permalink and SEO is often an art of word combinations. Thinking about a title that reads well and includes your keywords can take some consideration.

For example, it would sound funny if you had a page on your site titled ‘review-of-best-hairdresser-goldcoast’, but if you make it more contextual and natural, you might have: achieves a similar effect and is meaningful to the people who would be reading it.

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If you type into google images:

“Seo Tips For How To Find Keywords”

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Seo Tips For How To Find Relevant Keywords For Your Website.

IMS administration November 17, 2017

This is gold! Using these techniques plus some other techniques I've ranked Websites, blogs, videos, social media channels and images. Its incredible what you can do, which I've all done from my mobile phone traveling the last few years. Super inspiring!

Guy Sohm October 18, 2017

Seo is such a great way to get targeted traffic to your site, long tail phrase words are so useful once you understand how to implement them.