Guy Sohm Interviews James Schramko about Internet marketing & dream lifestyle

My mate James Schramko is a really inspiring man! Here is an interview about Internet marketing and some of his tips and advice in creating the most amazing lifestyle you can live. Thanks Guy Sohm

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Tips On How To Get More Traffic Online And Promote Your Website, Business Or Blog

Blog Post: How To Get Traffic For Your Website And Business

IN PLAIN TEXT: Well Designed Website Start with a super simple, clean website that people can navigate easily. This is where you publish your content regularly. If your business is contactable by phone, have your phone number in the banner. 1. Search Engine Optimisation Have highly search engine optimised pages for the keywords you are…

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SEO Tips For How To Find Relevant Keywords For Your Website

Blog Post: Tips On How To Find And Use Keywords For SEO

IN PLAIN TEXT: Finding Keywords 1. Work out your keywords by brainstorming all the possible words people could use to find your product or service. What are people going to type into Google when they’re looking for each topic? Research what your competition is doing. 2. Try different combinations of words in Google and see…

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Tips And Techniques For Keeping Visitors On Your Website

Blog Post: Six Tips On How To Create An Easy To Use Website

Are You Doing These Six Things? IN PLAIN TEXT: LOAD TIME Having pages that load quickly will help to improve SEO. To speed up load time, you can make sure your images aren’t too big. Try to keep images below 700kb. You can create small file sizes by saving images at 72PPI, which is the…

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