Mindfulness Programs for Business and Training Benefits in 2019

Charlotte Thaarup is a world-renowned, clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator. Guy interviews his step mother Charlotte about Mindfulness practices so you can live the ultimate lifestyle. The benefits of watching this video are to learn ways to reduce stress, being more efficient and understanding that trust is such an important key in the success of any business or relationship. Learning good communication skills in the workplace is vital.

You will also learn to be more mindful and enjoy business with Charlotte’s advice. We have more techniques and advice in our members area with a module on Mindfulness training from Charlotte. Here’s a seminar presentation on Mindfulness Leadership Coaching in the form of another video.

Charlotte Thaarup has trained people in the Military, Psychologists, high level Leaders and CEO’s of large companies. She is regularly running retreats and weekly sessions in Newcastle.

Mindfulness Business Benefits

One of the issues Charlotte regularly finds is due to the human nature of being stressed with high demands and workload, some of her clients are reactive to the people they are working with, and that this is potentially harming their business. To avoid sabotaging your relationships with those around you, it’s best to practice Emotional Intelligence by staying calm, rational and doing breathing techniques to help calm yourself down before interacting with others.

Mindfulness Activities

There are other tools and mindfulness activities in this video to help you relate in a clear and positive way. We also have a module in our membership area of Internet Marketing Start which goes deeper into this subject of High Emotional Intelligence.

Mindfulness Activities lead to Motivational Behaviour Talk and Tips creating a new podcast

Meditation for Entrepreneur

Mindfulness Programs for Business in 2019 are perfect for any Corporate companies or small Business. With research showing the amazing benefits of Mindfulness Courses for Businesses. I recently attended one of Australia’s Premier ‘Online Business Community’ Live Events, and Meditation for Entrepreneur, was a hot topic! This shows the increasing demand for Mindfulness Programs online. We aim to share the best and most relevant information.

Training in Mindfulness Courses Online and Personal Sessions

Maintaining ongoing Training in mindfulness with evening and morning meditation has been scientifically proven to help in many areas of life. On Charlotte’s website she shares different techniques and mindfulness practices for wellbeing. She advises on how to manage a busy and demanding schedule and gives insights into having a life that still holds the wonder. She is an incredible personal coach available in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia. Check out her website, to purchase a spot, for the next up and coming retreat. https://themindfulnessclinic.com.au/

Training Benefits Communication Skills and Increases Productivity

In our members area, we have special footage sharing the techniques she uses with her clients to achieve more mindfulness in their communication skills. Plus techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. She explains that trust is a commodity and fundamental in maintaining healthy relationships with other colleges and employees. Trust is proven to increase productivity and create more sales. When people trust someone, it’s easier for them to buy with faith in a good product or service. Where as on the other hand when trust is low, productivity goes down, along with your sales!

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Mindfulness Programs for Business and Training Benefits in 2019

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Guy Sohm April 22, 2019

Thanks Shaylee, yes that's it, self awareness, mindfulness and sharing knowledge is a great way we can all benefit and make the world a better place! Much Respect

Shaylee April 21, 2019

Thankyou for sharing this knowledge, definetly something we can all benefit from. The more people that become self aware, the more of a postive shift we will see in the world. :)

Guy Sohm April 17, 2019

Thanks Caroline. Its a really interesting subject Mindfulness, which goes hand in hand with Emotional intelligence. Glad you enjoyed it and really appreciate your gratitude, and wish you all the best! Check out Charlotte website for more information on this subject. Appreciate your feedback!

Caroline April 17, 2019

Beautiful interview, thank you to Guy and Charlotte Thaarup for explaining this technique to live in way that improves your personal and professional life.  learning to manage stress, this video is very interesting and makes me want to know more about this method.

Ignacio April 17, 2019

Such a nice way to be aware of how to use and control our emotions in different environments in our life!

Andrew Kitchener April 15, 2019

Great work you're doing Guy,  bringing out awareness, and sharing the most valuable things in life which are our experiences wisdom and teachings such as mindfulness in a practical and profound sense . 

Mindfulness Activities with Motivational Behaviour to Success | Mindfulness in Business Training Program Online Course April 15, 2019

We could not recommend Mindfulness in Business enough! Its a highly valuable technique and practice to success on all levels!

Guy Sohm April 14, 2019

Yes Rushcutters bay park, what an amazing spot! Your Mum is so incredible! Staying here for the last week at Elizabeth bay in Sydney, has been really special! Lots of lovely Mindful people living here! Thanks Bro :-)

Nicolai Thaarup April 14, 2019

Great video, with such a refined knowledge of mindfulness! And beautiful setting for a interview! Rushcutters bay park?

Guy Sohm April 11, 2019

Please feel free to ask any questions?

In Mindful Service April 11, 2019

Great interview

Mindfulness Practices and Activities to Better Communication and Wellbeing — Follow your heart and live the dream! April 11, 2019

Mindfulness Programs for Business can only Benifit the World!

Guy Sohm April 11, 2019

Thanks Charlotte for this opportiunity to share your amazing wisdom.
Bless your Heart

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Working towards making the world a better place!