How To Get More Traffic For Your Business

Tips How To Get More Traffic For Your Business in 2019 Course

Tips on how to get more traffic online with seo, joint ventures, affiliate marketing, social media and promote your website, business or blog

Tips On How To Get More Traffic For Your Business.

Here we cover a few basic marketing strategies to grow your business. To drive traffic to your website and boost your sales with a Social media, Joint Ventures and Affiliate marketing programs.


Well Designed Website

Start with a super simple, clean website that people can navigate easily. This is where you publish your content regularly. If your business is contactable by phone, have your phone number in the banner.

Learn wordpress development 

1. Search Engine Optimisation

Have highly search engine optimised pages for the keywords you are targeting. Research what your keywords should be with a tool such as Google’s AdWord Planner. We have more tips and techniques in the membership area.

If you have a location based business, include the locations you wish to service in your keywords.

Include your keywords in the title of your pages, posts from blogging, videos, images, PDFs and audio files.

Our recommended website platform, WordPress, has one of the best structures for SEO.

how do i make a wordpress website rank in google

Best practices to rank mulitiple listings in google searches with a wordpress website. A beginners guide of how to make a wordpress seo friendly website rank in Google images.

If you type “*” below into google images section we are ranking 1st and 2nd.

“Techniques for Keeping Visitors On Your Website” Click here.

how to do organic search engine optimization

2019 How to do organic search engine optimization.

And How To Find Relevant Keywords

2. Expert And Guest Interviews

Invite experts to be interviewed on your website/blog. Having guests on your site can draw a new crowd. Ask your guest to add a link from their site to your interview with them.

You can offer to be a guest on someone else’s site, be interviewed by them, or provide some content. This could be a written post, some audio or an attractive infographic.

Make sure you choose to reach out to people who your audience would be interested in hearing from, or who have an audience you are would be interested in hearing from you.

After the guest post, monitor your stats. Has your traffic been boosted by the guest post? Use this information to inform your future tactics.

More Tips On How To Get Traffic For Your Business, Website Or Blog?

3. Social Media

Harness the power of large social media sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Have your content on these sites, with links back to your site. For content you post, you could create a short video and put that on YouTube, get a transcript and MP3 created from the video and add that to your blog post. That way you are creating lots of types of media around your topic, which can help drive traffic.

Facebook is great for creating a fan page for your product or service. You can engage with people about issues that they are interested in, as well as create interest around your offerings.

4. Joint Ventures

If you have a great offer that would add value to someone else’ s niche, you could propose a joint venture with that person. As a joint venture, that person would share your product or service with their audience, and receive an affiliate commission if someone from their audience buys from you. This can be a very quick way to grow a business.

You could offer something special or unique to your joint venture partners audience, which is not available to the general public. This could be something like free coaching, a module of your course, a chapter from your ebook or a special price.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a basic start in Internet marketing. If you have a product to sell, it can be a great way to get your product in front of many people. When people sell your product for you, they receive a commission on the sale.

If you like someone else’s product, you could sell it as an affiliate, and receive a commission from sales made from your promotion.

You could promote through your email list, social media, by writing a review or by creating a page about it with your recommendation.

If you believe that this course on Internet Marketing Start could help someone then you might want to join our affiliate program and earn 50% commissions on any sales.

It could be easy to double your wage or more by recommending and sharing this course. As the saying goes from small things big things grow. Website traffic is key to success!

Here’s a client’s story:

Facebook advertising: How do you know when it’s a success

By William Bina-Perry

 “I saw my old ad on Facebook Buy Swap Sell, pretty simple ad I did on a group page in 2017 which was free.

It read:

Arborist, Looking for trees to prune and remove, I come to you $250 per day, all insurances and equipment. Rubbish Removal at your expense.

I remember thinking, who reads this stuff anyway, I could do with a few extra jobs. Anyway in two days I got a call from Judy and Allen.. Please come we have a large rotting Eucalyptus tree needing your attention. I FB messaged and was on my way to Harden that afternoon to investigate. These people were the salt of the earth, all knowing wizards who lived on the outskirts of town in western NSW near a town of Yass. I did the Job and others, accruing with them over $1000 for work on the property to remove some tree’s that were diseased and dying and to help with other odds and bods.

I don’t think it was just this ad that got recognised by 1 Buy, Swap Sell group, it was their rapport and trust from the community and recommendations that got me future work, and am I talking work #aaaaagh. After this Job I started putting up Photos on my TreeElements FB page, not many, just enough you know like in OliverTwist’s Porridge…More You want More…. Anyway…From this stemmed over 210 Jobs in the last 2-3 Years from this one ad and Judy and Allen’s continual recommendations. In total I probably posted 4 BSS ads and had recommendations throughout.

 I had requested a simple ad. It got sent to Tim 150km away, which was in my radius… But Bill in Tamworth and Alex in Brisbane were outside my target market, but their friends liked it and now because of them I travel in 5 states when the job is worth it. I didn’t want to travel 5 states, but it has been a fun journey. So, my lesson to you is be careful when placing an ad in Fb, I even got a call from India asking if I could remove a tree there…(jokes, LOL)

Today, I still run a small business, and that’s all I require to pay the rent and feed myself, run my car and stay warm and happy. I hope this article finds you in good spirits, it’s not a guaranteed outcome, I’m just saying, the simple approach worked for my Business, Let’s hope you too can adopt it to yours.

Good Luck, Work hard and Prosper…Life is Beautiful!”

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Thanks for this information, very interesting!

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This is great! I've used the Seo techniques discussed in Internet Marketing Start to rank content in Google which has been very successful in providing lots of traffic to my videos, images, fb, and websites. Also, I really like the freedom of being able to work from my phone, while traveling. So Awesome!

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I've used the Seo with long tail phrase words with amazing success! Highly recommend this.. And getting into interviews with the experts like James 😃 🐝✨ Also have had great success with Social media. Next is doing more Joint ventures. Very exciting indeed!!