Get Your Toolbox Set Up With These Great Resources

Here is a list of products and services. The point of this list is to make sure you can find everything we’ve mentioned throughout the course and get a few ideas for other tools too. Most of the resources are FREE, however, in the interests of complete disclosure we are affiliates for some of the products and have marked them with an asterisk (*). If you buy a product via one of our links, we may receive a small commission, however this is at no extra cost to you. We talk about affiliate marketing in Bonus Module number 2, and here it is in action 🙂

Password Managers

LastPass - This is the password keeper I use and it's never let me down. It saves my brain everyday!

1Password - This is a great option if you use multiple devices.

James Schramko's Blog

Full of amazing insights!! Super Fast Business.


BlueHost* - A great affordable option for hosting, especially if you’re just starting out. They have a one-click install process, so you literally just have to sign up and click a button to have you WordPress site installed. Easy! WP Engine - This host is the bees knees for WordPress. WordPress comes installed once opening an account. Their customer support is excellent and they have a special feature which lets you test out plugins and design on a draft copy of your site, and then push the changes to your live site once you’re totally happy with them

SLL Security

SLL is what you use to make your website safe from any information such as personal details or bank card information being stolen. Warnings will be shown on a website without a SLL security, decreasing your sales. If you have a green pad lock in the top left hand corner of your site, it is secure. Orange or red means that it is not secure.

SEO Tips and Further Readings to Rank in Google and Other Search Engines

For further information Stephan Spencer is worlds best Seo expert.

Moz is also a great website to understand and develop your SEO.


We recommend using Gmail.

To get your website name ie use Gsuite

Which provides Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business.

Email Auto Responder

Mail Chimp


Active Campaign

Payment Cart

Woo Commerce, Paypal, Shopify or Stripe

Affiliate Software and Payment Integration

Thrive Cart allows you to setup custom % commissions for any of your affilates


Domain Names

NameCheap* - We have used this registrar lots - its does what it says, it’s cheap and has great support GoDaddy - Another great name registrar, can be slightly more expensive than NameCheap

WordPress Site Building

WordPress - is the free platform we use for managing our content. It’s open source, which means any developers can make plugins and themes for it, and it’s never going to go out of business OptimisePress Theme* - I love this theme! It’s so nice to design on. There are lots of templates to help you get started for most types of pages you’ll want to create Genesis Theme by StudioPress - This is a great option for staring out - it’s a theme framework, which you can then buy chips these for, which give your site it’s style or design. There are heaps of great child themes ready made for different types of sites WordPress Codex - The comprehensive manual for WordPress from WordPress - this has helped me out of a few hairy situations

WordPress Plugins

BackUpBuddy - I love this plugin - I don’t want to be the one person in a thousand (totally made up statistic) that looses their site. I have put so much work into my sites that I want to be as safe and secure as I can and BackUp Buddy puts m mind at ease Google XML SiteMaps - This is a simple but necessary plug in to generate a sitemap of your website, which you then submit to your Google Webmasters Tools account Google Analytics By Yoast - An excellent plugin to link up your site and your Google Analytics account

Membership Site

Wish List is a great plugin for WordPress to create a membership site.

Storing Files

DropBox - A simple way to store files online and share them with people. Storing your files ‘in the cloud’ keeps them extra safe in my opinion AmazonS3 - This is a way of storing your files and delivering them to users quickly and cheaply

Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner Tool - An awesome place to find out what sort of traffic keywords are getting Ubbersuggest - A little helper for finding new keyword ideas Google Trends - Get an idea of the popularity of a keyword over time SEOquake Extension - A Chrome browser extension to show you the page rankings for a webpage MozBar Extension - Another Chrome extension to give you the low down on page and domain authority, and get a glimpse at other people’s backlinks profiles

Social Media

FaceBook - We all know this one! You can create a page for your business that helps you connect with your customers Pinterest - Do you like to tell stories through pictures? Pinterest is a great way to share what you do Twitter - A quick and easy way to Google+ - Google love this one, so it’s a good one to keep updated with stuff from your business, like blog posts, announcements and interesting info Instagram - Another visual story board - create interest for your business and product by showing what you do

Freelancers To The Rescue With Outsourcing


A database full of freelancers. Freelancers are great because you can hire them as need be, and if you’re just starting out, this could really help you out

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