Mindfulness in Business with Charlotte

Charlotte Thaarup is a world-renowned, clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator. She trained Phycologist, people in the Military, high level CEO’s and Leaders.

  • Research has proven that practicing mindfulness reduces stress. Allowing for better choices, less reaction, more effective productivity therefore higher returns on investment.

  • Also increases high reliability in business, which is important for your success.

  • Googles research shows that if everyone in the business shares equally in the meetings, improved results are achieved.

Here is one of her core techniques she uses with clients.

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Mindfulness in Business with Leadership Training

Charlotte Tharrup is an advocate for conscious mindful leadership and encourages an attitude of learning in the workplace. She is an incredible speaker offering audiences valuable research and evidence based science, for why mindful leadership is fundamental to professional and personal success.
She teaches that it is mastering the self that is fundamental to successful mindful leadership in business and discusses how to build positive teams.
 Keynote Speaker Charlotte offers a framework that inspires, engages and educates audiences using quotes, models, definitions, coaching and meditation practices. Her message to all leaders is clear.
"At all times treat others with dignity and respect."
At the heart of mindful leadership is the principle of being a good human being by making it a priority to display more kindness and compassion to employees and co-workers. She teaches that this is possible through mindfulness meditation, which only takes 10 minutes a day for six to eight weeks and is scientifically proven to improve the ability to focus by 33%.
She discusses the different areas of the brain and explores that our reactions and responses come from the reptilian, limbic, cortex, amygdala and pre-frontal cortex parts of the brain. Depending on which part of the brain is activated, determines whether we are operating in survival, emotional or empathetic ways.
Charlotte says, we can interrupt these parts of the brain by utilising mindful meditation, which in one example she demonstrates how to do this using the five magic breaths.
She explains that ten mins per day of Mindfulness training takes us out of our reactive stress driven state and into a responsive aware state. She says, that by using mindful techniques like breath and awareness, we can move out of our threat system which is governed by the reptilian brain, move into the drive system which is still reactive but helps us move towards what we think is going to feel good and then finally shift us into the connected system, which creates a sense of contentment and enables us to negotiate.
She refers throughout her talk to the importance of effective leadership and that by looking at historically successful leaders, we can create a leadership training approach that improves relationships and motivation. These management techniques create a safe space for everyone involved. Charlotte outlines the importance of each person speaking around the table at meetings and that regular turn taking is a must.
Her second point outlines the importance of psychological safety and that each team member must feel safe to speak up, safe to be vulnerable and safe that it's ok not to be perfect. She points out that innovative leadership follows high regard for integrity. She says,
"Do what you say you're going to do. " Her last important point was for those in management roles, " Ask for feedback because this sends a message that says; I value you, I see you and I am interested in what you have to say."
Charlotte's mindfulness programs and online courses are available on her website and are founded in neuroplasticity and training the brain to build awareness and therefore better self management.
You can find out more about her online courses and programs on her website:
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